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Latest News

4.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Wasatch Front (4/14/20)

4.0 aftershock felt along the Wasatch Front (3/22/20)

USGS Shake Map (3/19/20)

90 aftershocks have hit Utah since initial 5.7 quake (3/18/20)

5.7 magnitude shake hits Utah (3/18/20)

Early morning earthquake rattles Bluffdale residents (2/23/19)

New report reveals 'disconcerting' earthquake risk along Wasatch Front (4/18/16)

California’s biggest earthquake in 25 years has people asking: Is ‘The Big One’ coming? (8/25/14)

Prepping for the 'big one': How bad could a Utah earthquake be? (4/16/14)

4.3 magnitude earthquake shakes Bryce Valley (4/11/12)

Earthquake, hurricane are insurance reminders

Flood and Landslide Insurance also available

Earthquake Benefits

  • 1. Homeowners insurance does not include earthquake insurance
  • 2. Inexpensive - Starting at only $14 per month per $100,000 of coverage.
  • 3. We specialize in older solid brick homes and all frame homes.
  • 4. Protect the equity in your house.
  • 5. A small earthquake may cause your house to shift; as a result your house may be condemned. This could cause a total loss, yet you still owe the mortgage company.
  • 6. May save you from going into bankruptcy if losses occur.
  • 7. Utah is overdue for a large earthquake.
  • 8. An earthquake could set your house on fire or be flooded by broken pipes.
  • 9. Protect your personal property.
  • 10. Stand alone policies available.
  • 11. Commercial policies available, any size.

Earthquake Insurance Tip's

  • 1. Raise your homeowners deductible to $1000 to $2500 to help offset cost of earthquake insurance
  • 2. Can easily be added into your house payment / escrow.
  • 3. Ask agent about auto/home discount. Central alarm, sprinklers, non smoker, new home, 50 plus, renovation discount, household credits.
  • 4. Don't take a chance on your biggest investment.
  • 5. Multiple deductibles available, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% available

Estimate for Frame or Brick Veneer Home

Dwelling Amount Estimated Cost per month  
$100,000 $17 per month Get a Quote
$250,000 $37 per month Get a Quote
$500,00 $70 per month Get a Quote
$1,000,000 $137 per month Get a Quote

Updated February 2019

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